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HSA Case Study

A Pacific Northwest equipment rental company realized the value of HSAs to better support employees.

A Pacific Northwest equipment rental company, has recognized the value of HSAs, offering HSAs to their employees since 2020. As a core part of their benefits for employees enrolled in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), of which over half of their employees are enrolled, they needed an HSA that was simple to administer and frictionless to use for their employees.

While the company appreciated the value of HSAs as a benefit, they also understood the importance of partnering with a responsive HSA provider, especially one that enabled employees with quick and easy access to their accounts and with access to resources that their employees could use to educate themselves and feel confident.

The Challenge:

Elevating the HSA experience to reduce confusion about HSAs and better support employees.

Number of Employees: 84

Percent of Employees Who Have an HSA: 57.14%

Average HSA contribution: $928.00

The Plan

The company turned to their broker and Ameriflex to implement a plan that would allow employees to easily navigate their HSA accounts and have access to education. An HSA with Ameriflex was the perfect solution to address the client’s needs while providing educational resources for the employees. 

Factors that the company considered
when choosing an HSA provider:

Ease of use

    Clarity in understanding how to read their account balances

  • Information that is provided via the benefits administrator to help educate employees

The Outcome

Through effective consulting efforts and seamless collaboration between the brokers and the Ameriflex team, the company will persist in delivering competitive benefits. The company also developed member education materials that they provide for their employees. These resources are complemented by insightful blog articles available on the Ameriflex broker portal, enhancing the overall support and education provided to clients. 

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