Build Your Own Plan

One size fits all group plans don't always fit everyone. We offer easy access to quality employee benefits products including spending accounts and health reimbursements. Give each employee the custom plan they deserve.

1. Choose Spending Accounts

Give employees more benefit options, tax-free. It's simple. Choosing additional spending accounts saves more money.


Flexible Spending Account
Tax-free account for health expenses. Add to PPO Health Plans
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Dependent Care Account
Tax-free account for daycare anddependent care services. Add to FSA
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Commuter Reimbursement Account
Tax-free account for health expenses. Add to PPO Health Plans
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Health Savings Account
Healthcare spending, saving, and investing. Add to HDHP Health Plans
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Health Reinbursement Account
Tax-free reinbursement for everyday health expenses.
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Individual Coverage HRA
Tax-free reinbursements for health insurance premiums and medical expenses.
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2. Choose Well-Being Benefit(s)

Experience more transparency and fewer surprises with care and coverage focused on healthier outcomes.

Care Navigation & Virtual Care

CAA Protection Open Icon
Comprehensive, wraparound care, 24/7, night and day just a call or click away.
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Mental Health

Mental Parity and Addiction Equity Act Protection Open Icon
Access behavioral health coaches and resources to address psychological well-being.
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Vision: Coming Soon

Dental: Coming Soon

Complimentary Products


If employees are leaving a company, whether voluntarily or for other reasons, they can opt to stay in the company’s health plan for a limited time.

ID Theft Protection

Ameriflex cardholders get complimentary access to Mastercard® leading Identity Theft Protection service. Benefits include 24/7 ID theft resolution service, online identity monitoring, dashboard credit monitoring, report, and score, and suspicious activity alerts.

ERISA Compliance Documents

You will get specific information, required under federal law, describing the terms of the group health plan in a manner that is easily understood by the participants. We provide an easy way to maintain and up-to-date ERISA Summary Plan Description (SPD) and WRAP document, which the Department of Labor requires most employers to have.


Cardholders can have an innovative, tech-driven solution at their fingertips to help ensure medical privacy, validate healthcare claims and receive money back on potential overcharges. HealthLock automatically monitors medical claims for overbilling, strengthening fiduciary decision making and giving your employees more protection and another layer of review in cost savings.


Selected Benefits:


  • ID Theft Protection
  • ERISA Compliance Documents
  • HealthLock

Per Employee Per Month

Minimum Pricing Applies

CAA Protection

Mental Parity and Addiction Equity Act Protection

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What you'll get

Build your own plan and customize benefits in a streamlined process. Here's what sets us apart:

Easy set-up
EDI integrations with other benefits administrative systems
Fully integrated through each step of the process
Card Swipe Guarantee: Our advanced technology ensures you can be confident your employees will only use their cards for legitimate expenses. Additionally, your employees will enjoy a "no-stress" experience when using their Ameriflex Debit Mastercard® to pay for approved expenses.
"Great communication by the Ameriflex team."
Daniel Rubio, 858 Partners
"It was a smooth process."
Tameaka Shelton, Wildlife Works Carbon, LLC
"Installation has been smooth and help available around every turn."
Moris Roso, KE USA, Inc.