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Concierge Care Navigation and Virtual Care

Reliable access to coordinated healthcare anywhere for your employees and their dependents.

Overview and Eligibility

Concierge Care Navigation and Virtual Care, powered by Telescope Health, are the go-to resource for your employees’ healthcare concerns. A dedicated team, comprised of skilled physicians, attentive care providers, and concierge care navigators, are available around the clock to support your employees and help them identify the most cost-effective care options in their area.

Whatever your employees’ concerns may be – from seeking medical advice, to treating ailments, refilling prescriptions and more- Concierge Care Navigation and Virtual Care, powered by Telescope Health, are here to assist your organization in every way possible.

A simpler approach to your group’s healthcare

Concierge Care Navigation

Provides on-demand access to physicians, care providers and personalized assistance to help employees find the best treatment options while navigating their healthcare journey.

How does Telescope Care Navigation work?

  • Helps participants find a Primary Care Physician or Specialist
  • Arranges participants’ follow-up appointments
  • Assists participants in identifying the most cost-effective solution for immediate in-person care
  • Navigators can help arrange testing or diagnostic services

Virtual Care

Allows employees to access medical consultations from anywhere, reducing the need for time-consuming office visits, and creating a healthier work-life balance.

What Does Virtual Care include?

  • Three clicks and you’re live with a doctor (average wait time is less than 6 minutes)
  • Access to Emergency, Family & Internal Physicians and Advanced Practitioners
  • Acute/Urgent Needs 
  • 24/7 Medical Hotline (non-emergency)

The Value for Employees

Cost Savings

Cost savings for employers and employees by avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits.

Easy Payment and Account Management

Participants can view their coverage and easily make premium payments through a secure platform.


Employees have multiple options on how they find healthcare for their needs, whether it’s in person or virtual.

The Value for Employers

Cost Savings

Employers have the ability to lower healthcare expenses while maintaining a healthier workforce.

Employee Engagement

Convenient access to healthcare services allows employees to address their concerns promptly without disrupting their work routines or taking extensive time off.

Expert Support

Healthcare is complicated. The Ameriflex Client Relationship Team is eager to answer questions and provide assistance. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) far exceeds the healthcare average.