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Mental Health

Elevating mental wellbeing for every organization.

Overview and Eligibility

Mental Health, powered by Intellect, proactively cares for employee wellbeing, with its research-proven mental health platform to nurture a thriving workplace. The application offers two pillars:- Intellect Proactive, learning paths with personalized content, and Intellect Coaching, 1-on-1 behavioral health coaching on demand.

Your employees can use their app to choose from a variety of topics, including productivity, stress and anxiety, time management, and self-confidence. They can also receive coaching sessions from certified behavioral health coaches. Mental Health, powered by Intellect, is the modern approach for your employees’ mental well being concerns.

A modern approach to your group’s mental well being

Self Care App

Self-care and Skills-building Programs

Self-guided CBT programs and mini sessions that develop and support mental wellbeing.

Behavioral Health Coaching

  • Next-day support from proactive to clinical needs with live and text-based teleconsults with licensed coaches and counselors.

How does Intellect Proactive work?

  • Full access to self-care app
  • Skill-building programs such as rescue sessions, CBT-based learning paths, guided journals, and a “session of the day,” to manage mental wellbeing
  • Available in different formats of consuming content, including audio and text modes, and the ability to import or write directly in the app
  • Monitor user’s progress tracked within the app

How does Intellect Coaching Work?

  • Live and text-based teleconsultations with a behavioral health coach within the app
  • Minimum of 4 sessions per employee per year
  • Unlimited text messaging with behavioral health coaches
  • Response times within the next 24 hours
  • Participants can view their progress, change their coach, and manage their account information through their personalized coaching dashboard

The Value for Employees

Quick Access

Quick Access

Employees can utilize a suite of self-guided programs within seconds, or teleconsult with a coach within
the next day.

Self Care App

Award-Winning Self-Care App

Personalized, clinically-validated programs rewire habits for lasting behavioral change.

Privacy First

Privacy- first platform

Zero-knowledge encryption technology and compliance (PDPA, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified) to protect user’s data

The Value for Employers



Intellect is available in 20 languages with comprehensive local networks of providers across 22 countries. 

Employee Engagement

Convenient access to self care programs and coaching allows employees to address their concerns leading to a healthier work environment.


Aggregated Wellness and ROI Data

Intellect equips businesses with a real-time aggregated dashboard to provide a pulse on your organization’s
wellbeing levels.